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The Divine Playwright: Why God Could Not Create Our World. (2 min 24 sec)


    1. In a realm far beyond our mortal understanding, there exists a Creator, a Divine Playwright of infinite wisdom and love.

    This Playwright, I call God, could not have crafted the world we perceive with our limited senses. Why, you ask? Let us embark on this Shakespearean journey to unravel the mystery.

    2. Act 1: The Nature of God

    In the celestial theater of existence, God is pure perfection, a flawless diamond of boundless love and creativity. She knows no limitations, no imperfections. God is the ultimate artist, eternally painting masterpieces of love, peace, and joy.

    3. Act 2: The Illusion Unveiled

    Dear friends, consider our world of time and space. It is a stage where chaos and confusion take the lead roles. Here, suffering and separation seem to reign. But here's the twist in our Shakespearean tale: God, in all His perfection, cannot create imperfection. Our world's flaws are not of His making, they're our own.

    4. Act 3: The Gift of Free Will

    As the curtain rises further, we discover the key player in this drama—free will. In God's infinite wisdom, He bestowed upon His Creations the gift of choice. We, the actors on this earthly stage, have the power to shape our destinies. Sometimes, our choices lead to the illusion of imperfection.

    5. Act 4: The Divine Plan

    God, a masterful playwright, allows us to explore the consequences of our choices. Our world, a canvas of experiences, is not His Creation but rather a reflection of our collective thoughts and actions. It is our stage for growth, learning, and self-discovery.

    6. Conclusion: The Bard's Revelation

    In this Shakespearean tale, we discover that God, the Divine Bard, did not create the world as we see it. Instead, He gifted us with the stage, the script, and the roles to play. It is through our choices and experiences that we come to realize our divine nature and return to the source of all love and perfection.
    Mighty Companions, as we ponder the mystery of creation, remember that our world's imperfections are not God's design but the result of our collective choices. The journey back to oneness is the grandest performance of all, and the Divine Playwright is always there, guiding us with unwavering love and grace.
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