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The Ego's Ponzi Scheme. (3 min 23 sec)


    1. We all chase success.

    We believe it will bring us happiness, fulfillment, and peace. But what if I told you that the very drive pushing us towards success is also the source of our greatest suffering? The same monster in your mind that led you to so-called success is the same one that will bring you back to the base. Let’s explore this revelation and uncover the truth about real peace.
    You've climbed the mountain. The view is breathtaking. You feel invincible. This is the peak of worldly success. But the same drive that pushed you up is now whispering fears and doubts.
    Meet the monster in your mind. This beast, your ego, thrives on achievement. It promises happiness at the top. You listened, thinking success equals peace.
    But now you're at the top, and the monster is louder. It warns of falling, of losing everything. The same beast that fueled your climb now threatens your peace.
    Peace isn't found in fleeting triumphs. Real peace is deeper. It’s constant and unwavering. It’s found by recognizing the monster – the ego – isn't your true self.
    Happiness is mistaken for moments of triumph. But peace is the real treasure. Peace is constant. It doesn’t depend on your position on the mountain.
    Here’s the truth: you climbed, driven by the monster's promises. At the top, you see the monster still there. It’s only by looking inward, beyond the ego, that you find peace.
    Imagine stepping down, not in defeat, but with wisdom. You've seen the peak. You've felt the rush. Now, choose a different path – a path of peace. Your worth isn't tied to achievements, but to your inherent value.
    This journey isn’t about denying success. It’s about seeing through the monster's lies. It’s about embracing the peace within.
    In ACIM's words, "Nothing real can be threatened. Nothing unreal exists. Herein lies the peace of God." Let’s put the monster to rest. Find the unshakeable peace within. This is the journey worth taking.
    The Ego's Ponzi Scheme aftermath:
    It's a deception. The world of form is not your reality.
    Upon realizing the truth, we feel shock and disbelief. We can't fathom being duped.
    Betrayal by our egos leads to intense anger. It feels like a personal betrayal.
    The emotional toll is immense. Some of us lose our sense of self.
    We feel exposed, humiliated by believing in our former beliefs.
    We struggle to understand how the deception went undetected.
    We have the realization of the truth that either leads to despair or acceptance.
    We develop emotional effects, akin to "Fraud Trauma Syndrome."
    We feel betrayed by a reality we thought was solid.
    We become wary of trusting anything in the world of time and space.
    Understanding these reactions highlights the profound impact of believing in a false world. Embrace the journey inward. Find your peace.
    I am sorry.
    Please forgive me.
    Thank you.
    I love you.
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