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The emperor (ego) has lost his clothes ( 2 min 21 sec)

Our material possessions are our gods and our jewels.
We value luxury cars, mansions, designer clothing, fine jewelry, private jets, yachts, high-tech (everything), arts, collectibles, high-end electronics, and exotic vacations. 
They are the jewels in our ornate headdress.
We covet them.
We bow down to them.
We're a slave to them.
We desire them...above everything and every one else.

The emperor (ego) has lost his clothes ( 2 min 21 sec)

    1. The ego governs everything in the world, a realm in which God has no awareness or involvement.

    The ego, the false self, is someone who is in a position of "power or authority" is revealed to be incompetent, foolish, and lacking in the qualities that were previously attributed to them. 
    The ego, which represents the false self or the illusory identification with the body and separate individuality, holds dominion over worldly matters. 
    The ego is concerned with illusions, conflicts, and the pursuit of material possessions, all of which have no value in the realm of Truth.

    2. Ignorant are those who unquestioningly adhere to external beliefs, without questioning whether they are true or not true.

    Ignorance implies a state of being uninformed, unaware about something.
    Ignorance manifests as a lack of factual information, limited awareness of certain perspectives, or a failure to seek the Truth. 

    3. How does the emperor feel?

    The ego ain't got no feelings, let's be real.
    This is just pretending.
    He feels a mixture of embarrassment, shame, and vulnerability.
    The realization that his supposed "power" is actually nonexistent leaves him exposed and humiliated in front of the whole wide world.
    We feel a sense of foolishness ourselves for having believed in an illusion.
    We have residual fear of being judged and ridiculed by those who now see the Truth.
    If this doesn't bring about a profound shift in our state of Mind, leading to a lot of self-reflection, what will?

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