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The Essentials Of Being a Science Hero

A Science Hero uses science to go on adventures. Think Doc Savage, Jonny Quest, Tom Swift, and many others. Here's what they need to get going.

    1. Lair/Headquarters

    Caves are good. Maybe an inactive volcano? Undersea base (see #4)? Space Station?

    2. Cool Plane

    It needs to look cool and get you places around the world. Bonus points for being able to go into space or underwater (see #4).

    3. Freeze Ray

    A Science Hero is not violent or combative. If they encounter hostility, they need something to stun/incapacitate/capture their opponents - who might become friends by the end of the adventure.

    4. Underwater gear

    75% of the Earth is water so whether it's sea monsters or underwater civilizations or simply sunken treasure, you need to be able to get there.

    5. Time Machine

    Visiting outer space or under the sea is cool, but when you've done all that, you may need to visit history. Or the future.

    6. Shrink Ray

    For when you have to go on a Fantastic Voyage into a body or have an adventure with monstrous insects and vermin.

    7. Grunt Sidekick

    Usually will provide muscle and do the dirty work of fixing and maintaining the gear, while the hero works on new inventions

    8. Vulnerable Sidekick

    Someone to get into trouble. Usually, their naivete can be used so that they act as the audience surrogate and the hero can explain situations to them.

    9. Logo

    All that gear needs to be branded of course. Uniforms for supporting characters are encouraged

    10. Arch Nemesis

    A villain to get the hero out of the lab, otherwise, they'd spend their entire existence inventing.

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