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The expectations in the life of a puppy

I've just come for working with a new puppy owner. She's a high achiever. She lives in a fabulous home. She's got staff that helps her. Here's her expectation of a 13 week old puppy


    1. Potty training, within days

    Puppy should know where to go. When to go. And should stay on a schedule of exactly the same timing of the even daily.

    2. Should know not to pay attention to the 13 year old at all

    She's old and doesn't want to play. The attempts to play, the puppy should know better. She thinks he should be disciplined for it.

    3. Chewing and nipping

    She thinks the puppy should know not to it by now. She takes him on three walks a day. That should be enough to wear him out. There's no chew toys or interactive play with toys. There's nothing supplied for the teething puppy as an outlet however.

    4. Walk on a leash nicely

    He should know not to play with the extra leash length that's hanging down in his face even though it looks like a tug toy to him. He should know not to pull ahead or stop and sniff.

    5. Stay

    Wants a lesson to get her puppy to stay. Puppy should understand stay within the span of the next lesson.

    6. Come when called

    Huge house he's roaming in. He should come from wherever he is when she calls him.

    7. Unrealistic puppy expectations people tend to have illustrated in this list:

    1) Human- Given two plus years to accomplish potty training.

    1) Canine- Human wants canine potty trained in two weeks or they will have to re-home the dog....Please take the diaper off your eight month old human and let them crawl around your floor, shouldn't be a problem....

    2) Human- Gives human babies things they can chew on and sometimes even pain relievers and various numbing agents to help appease teething.

    2) Canine- Demands Dog Trainer tells them how to reprimand their dog for chewing.

    3) Human- Encourages young humans to run and play with endless forms of mental and physical stimulation.

    3) Canine- “This puppy wants to play too much!!”

    4) Human- Given 20 plus years to complete an education and become a productive member of society.

    4) Canine- Expected to behave flawlessly after 6 weeks of training.

    5) Human- Given sick and personal days from work and endless excuses for poor performance.

    5) Canine- Expects to preform perfectly 365 days a year. Also not allowed to make mistakes.

    Dear human....your expectation of a 13 week old puppy are unrealistic!

    No you shouldn't let them do whatever they want. They need structure.

    It all comes back if you can't stay motivated with your expectations high, just stay consistent.

    You don't expect your baby to get it all in the first 3 months of life. Don't expect your puppy to either. Do show your puppy consistently what to do, provide play and fulfillment outlets and get a life well played.

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