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The Game Show Gauntlet

I tried to select a variety of current and former game shows to attract more interest. I also tried to choose games that would challenge folks both mentally and physically in different ways. In my show concept, we would start with 11 contestants with one eliminated each week. The games are listed in the order they would take place.

    1. The Amazing Race

    Each contestant would have to navigate the same unfamiliar urban environment to follow clues and reach a destination. Contestants are free to work together if they wish or to work individually. While actual sabotage is not allowed, leaving false clues or trails is. Last person across the finish is eliminated.

    2. Chopped

    Each contestant has to make 3 dishes. A breakfast, a lunch, and a dinner. Each round of meals would be judged individually, and points awarded. After all 3 meals are served, the contestant with the lowest total score is eliminated.

    3. America's Got Talent

    Each contestant gets two separate opportunities to perform. They can choose to perform the same skill (sing two different songs) or two completely different skills. Each performance judged individually. Lowest combined score is out.

    4. Wheel of Fortune

    At this point there are 8 competitors left. So, in 2 rounds of four, the contestants spin the wheel and attempt to solve 3 puzzles. After all six puzzles are solved, anybody who solved a puzzle is safe. Of the remaining contestants, the one with the least amount of money is eliminated.

    5. American Ninja Warrior

    This one is simple. Anyone who completes the course is safe. Whoever completes fewest obstacles loses. Elapsed time settles ties.

    6. The Apprentice

    The six competitors are each given an identical space in a mall or retail plaza. Contestants can sell whatever goods or services desired (within the law) but also bear the brunt of all costs. Whoever makes the least (or loses the most) in a week is disqualified.

    7. Alone

    After a hectic week at the mall, everyone needs a little Alone time. Contestants are dropped into a wilderness environment with only minimal supplies and must survive. The first one to call it quits is out of the contest.

    8. The Price is Right

    The four competitors will be asked to correctly guess the price of an object. The closest person (without going over) wins and sits down. This continues for two more rounds. Each time the winner sits down and is safe. The last player standing is out.

    9. Jeopardy

    With 3 contestants, the game plays exactly the same. Lowest amount after final jeopardy is eliminated.

    10. Family Feud

    Sudden death style between our final two contestants. Whoever scores higher receives 1 point. First to 5 points wins. If at any point, a contestant gives an answer not on the board, they are out and the other player is awarded the championship. If the incorrect answer is a buzzer answer, the other contestant must still guess an answer on the board in order to win.

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