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The Gentle Voice of the Holy Spirit. (1 min 32 sec)


    1. The Holy Spirit is not a being, but a state of mind characterized by love, forgiveness, and unity.

    2. The Holy Spirit is eternally present within us, regardless of our beliefs and actions.

    3. The Holy Spirit is the gentle "inner voice" that guides us away from ego thoughts of fear, judgment, and separation.

    4. The Holy Spirit is unconditional love and acceptance.

    It doesn't judge our mistakes or withhold guidance based on our actions.

    5. The Holy Spirit communicates through feelings, thoughts, and even seemingly coincidental events.

     It doesn't require spoken language or religious rituals.

    6. The Holy Spirit is the bridge between dream and reality.

    It's the link between our limited perception of reality (the dream) and the true, unified reality (God).

    7. Practicing forgiveness and love is what it means to follow the Holy Spirit, not adhering to religious rules and commandments.

    8. The Holy Spirit is our natural state of mind and it's not exclusive to specific groups or people.

    9. Forgiveness is the key to aligning with the Holy Spirit and experiencing inner peace.

    This goes beyond forgiving others to forgiving ourselves for perceived mistakes.

    10. Following the Holy Spirit's guidance is a continuous journey of self-discovery, not a one-time achievement.

    I am sorry.
    Please forgive me.
    Thank you.
    I love you.
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