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The iceberg of guilt. (1 min 30 sec)

We have deep-seated feelings of guilt that lie beneath the surface of our conscious awareness. Our guilt is hidden and repressed, like an iceberg where only a small portion is visible above the water.
As we become aware of these hidden layers of guilt we must bring them to the light of forgiveness. By shining the light of love on our guilt, we can release it and experience a sense of freedom and inner peace. 
The iceberg of guilt symbolizes the process of uncovering and healing these hidden feelings, allowing us to live more authentically and joyfully.

    1. We feel guilty over past mistakes and wrongdoings.

    2. We feel guilty for not living up to societal and personal expectations.

    3. We feel guilty for perceived selfishness and self-centeredness.

    4. We feel guilty for pursuing our own happiness and desires at the expense of others.

    5. We feel guilty for not being able to forgive ourselves and others.

    6. We feel guilty for not being able to meet the needs and expectations of loved ones.

    7. We feel guilty for feeling anger, resentment, and other "negative" emotions.

    8. We feel guilty for harboring negative thoughts and judgments towards others.

    9. We feel guilty for not living according to religious and moral ideals.

    10. We feel guilty for simply existing, feeling unworthy of love and acceptance.

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