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The Inner and Outer Worlds: Why Both Are Right, Yet Neither Is Wrong (2 min 39 sec)


    1. The outer world reflects the inner.

    The outer world we perceive is a mirror reflecting our inner thoughts and beliefs. Just as a mirror shows us an image, the outer world shows us a reflection of what's inside us. This is true because our thoughts shape our experiences.

    2. There's no true "outer" world:

    Surprisingly, there is no distinct "outer" world separate from our perception. What we see as external is actually an interpretation created by our mind. In reality, everything is interconnected, and there's no clear boundary between inner and outer.

    3. The inner world exists:

    The outer world is an interpretation, the inner world is very real. It's the realm of our thoughts, feelings, and beliefs. It's where we shape our perception of reality. This inner world profoundly influences our experiences.

    4. Our projection shapes our reality:

    Our thoughts and beliefs are like a projector, and our outer world is the screen where the movie of our life plays. What we project onto the screen (our outer world) becomes our reality. Others have their projectors too, shaping their unique experiences.

    5. Perspective variations:

    We have a unique perspective, like different camera angles in a movie. This is why we see the same situation differently. It's not about right or wrong; it's about the angle from which we view our reality.

    6. Mutual efforts to influence:

    We try to persuade others to see our perspective. This happens because we want others to share our experiences and beliefs. We're all trying to connect through our worlds.

    7. Both worlds are valid:

    Our "worlds" are valid because it's our unique experience. There's no universal "right" or "wrong" way to see the world. It's a matter of our individual perception.

    8. The coexistence of two "worlds":

    In reality, there aren't two separate worlds. There's a blending of inner and outer, and they coexist. Our inner world projects onto the canvas of our outer world, creating the rich tapestry of our lives.

    9. Imagination and projection.

    Our minds have incredible creative power, capable of generating vivid "motion pictures" of our thoughts, desires, and dreams.
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