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The James Altucher Show: The Fifth Agreement!

    1. Be impeccable with your word. Words are magic spells you are casting. Our stories are not necessarily true.

    2. Always do your best - and do what you love to do.

    3. Become a better version of yourself, for yourself and for others. We are permanent citizens in this world.

    4. When we wake up, we realise life is a dream, a strange illusion. We are our experience, our consciousness, our integrity against the illusion our words create. Every person is an artist.

    5. Don't make assumptions. Love everyone like your brothers and sisters. Judgment is not welcome to the party.

    6. The 5th Agreement: Be sceptical - of your own negativity and suppression.

    7. Don't take anything personally. When people attack you, they are really asking for help.

    8. Valuing life is the real richness, energy and wisdom in this world.

    9. The underworld is the home of wisdom. When we go to the dark place, into suffering, pain and broken heart, that's when the light comes up and we can take it forward to the surface.

    10. Many people are afraid of emotions, to feel. When we get nervous or anxious, our body is asking for help.

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