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The James Altucher Show: Why are Doritos so addictive?

Why is Doritos so addictive!? Here are some of the lists from the podcast and the thread by Trung Phan! (https://twitter.com/TrungTPhan/thread/1505575719211991040)
Listen to the Full Episode here:
The last 4 items were populated by the AI!


    1. Ideal Fat Content!

    Doritos have nearly a perfectly balanced mix.

    2. Cooking method

    Humans have developed a craving for compounds that come out of the cooking process. Doritos satisfies this craving by hitting you with multiple levels of cooking!

    3. Seasoning

    A Doritos chip is dusted w/ a long list of flavor enhancers and this mix is called “non-specific aroma”. No flavor is dominant enough to cause satiety (feeling full).

    4. Cheese

    Doritos are loaded w/ real cheese: romano, cheddar, and parmesan (it uses milk from 10k cows a year)

    5. Contrasting texture

    A Doritos bite starts with a crunch but quickly dissolves in your mouth.

    6. The finale

    After destroying a bag of Doritos, you’re left with a layer of delicious goodness on your fingers.

    7. They contain an ingredient that hijacks the brain's pleasure center.

    8. The chips are coated in a flavor enhancer that makes them irresistible.

    9. The crunchy texture is scientifically proven to be addicting.

    10. The combination of salt, fat, and sugar is notoriously hard to resist.

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