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The most important advice

What advice have you received that made a big impression on you that you still live by and share with others, even if you're the origin for that advice.

    1. Give a firm handshake from a teacher named Mr. Kaplan.

    2. A fire chief of a small department should be able to get it done from Glen Brown.

    I've been the chief of our community's fire department for a little over 10 years.

    3. Everything you need to know about finance you learned from your grandmother Nassim Taleb

    This really about sticking to the basics and keeping things simple. Everyone knows they shouldn't have a lot of debt, the know they should live below their means and save money but that is difficult for people to do.

    4. Lift weights and cut carbs PD Mangan

    I've been lifting weights since the 70's so that didn't come from him but cutting carbs did. Again, everyone knows they should exercise even if they don't know the best way to do it and everyone know they shouldn't eat too much sugar even if they're not sure what all constitutes sugar (carbs are sugar, period, carbs are sugar, eat less.

    5. Your 20's are for fucking around, you make your money in your 30's and 40's Larry Klein

    I started accumulating savings in my late 20's and I think the time to make money is longer than Larry said.

    6. Do intermittent fasting Mark Baker

    I do 16:8 which is more like time restricted feeding but probably close enough.

    7. Know when to be orthogonal to society Mark Baker

    8. I have pretty much always been good at this but Mark articulated it far better than me.

    9. Living below your means brings a freedom other can't imagine Naval Ravikant

    Same as number 8, been doing this forever but Naval said it much better.

    10. Freedom is when you own your time, when you can set your own schedule.

    I figured this out for myself but Mark Baker and Naval talk about this frequently.

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