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The most important advice

Advice is only good if you put it to use.

    1. The world of time and space was not created by God. Madness makes more madness and God does not make madness.

    2. Nothing outside of myself will ever make me happy and if it does it's ephemeral at best.

    3. Too much attention is put on who I think I am and not enough attention on what I AM.

    4. In my delusional state I really believe that I had the power to make a devil out of God's son.

    5. Guilt and pain is my ego's playground.

    6. Only the plan of love will allow me to see love.

    7. HONEY - But you don't understand .....shhhhhh - HONEY

    8. In order to solve the problem, you first have to know what the problem is.

    9. I am not upset for the reason I think I'm upset.

    10. I can either choose love or fear.

    11. I may not believe that I created the situation but if it in my space I am 100% responsible.

    12. There's nothing to be gained from making myself right and someone else wrong.

    13. Seeing myself as a victim is never a good idea.

    14. The giver should be thankful that he had more than enough to give.

    15. People are not my source.

    16. Learn to SEE without judgment.

    17. Don't allow your life to be an ongoing series of attacks and defenses.

    18. Truth needs no defending.

    19. My world is always a reflection (carbon copy) of my innermost thoughts.

    20. There is no - out there. There is only - in here.

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