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The NotePD book (idea)

I read in order to learn. The list format on here allows for much more precise and faster learning.

Below is my idea of a book based on our lists.

    1. Tackle many questions

    We could ask all users for their own answers to many questions. How do you improve travel? How do you get a promotion? How do you make new friends? How can I improve my first dates? Ect.

    Life questions that we could all do with improving.

    We get multiple answers from lots of different sources meaning there's bound to be something for everyone when it comes to actions they can take to improve.

    2. Challenges

    I love the challenge aspect of this site. When I'm struggling I'll ask for advice and end up with tons of advice that I was blind to.

    This is what gave me this idea.

    3. Kiss

    You could expand on each list, but I like the kiss method (keep it simple stupid). If you need help do you need to know why it works or do you just need it to work? This allows for even more lists to be packed in to the same space.

    4. Top list

    You don't need to have a challenge. Sometimes lists are so good they stand alone and should be included.

    5. Top three /top ideas

    Top three lists can be included along with a list of the most liked ideas. If an idea repeats it can be stated but another idea can take its place. Noone wants to reread the same thing.

    6. New members

    Once people see the benifits of writing a list (maybe that could be a challenge in itself) they'll want to write their own.

    7. Legality

    You can't use other people's list. An agreement would need to be made first. Could that be stated in the challenge? Would a message with some sort of payment be enough for an agreement? Would they be happy to just be included?

    8. AI list

    You could add an AI generated list for each of the challenges.

    9. Easy

    It's an easy project. Think of 10 great questions . Five lists for each (top 3, top ideas, AI) that's 50 pages in lists (minimum) and add a few great stand alone lists.

    The bigger the book the better the biggest challenge is thinking of great challenge questions. Asking permission, copy and pasting, a little editing and publishing is easy.

    10. Author notes

    You could describe why you asked these questions. Why they're a problem and why the benifits that come from solving them. This helps tye the book together.

    11. Blank list

    Allow readers to write their own lists. They can then write again on here.

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