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The Older You Get the More Discerning You Are

About what works well & what doesn’t

    1. Simpler is Better

    For just about everything. Complexity drains your energy.

    2. If you can’t explain to consumers how to use a piece of technology in one sentence it isn’t ready for prime time yet

    I need to be able to use something in a very meaningful, functional way immediately. Otherwise I have no reason to continue to be an early adopter.

    3. Don’t pay for water in products you can make from simpler, healthier ingredients at home - including tea, coffee, cleaners, etc.

    You can make cold brew coffee at home by placing 1/3 cup coffee grounds in a quart Mason jar & let it sit overnight in the fridge. Pour into a clean Mason jar using a filter to remove the grounds. Place in your compost bin. You can also make sun tea by placing 8 tea bags in a 1/2 gallon pitcher, cover & leave in the sun until dinner. You’ll save a lot!

    4. Keep healthy snacks in your home & your vehicle

    Fruits & nuts are simple & can sustain you if you get delayed

    5. On road trips, fill your gas tank when it gets to the halfway point because some traffic jams are lasting for hours now, or you could get caught on the side of the highway due to a snowstorm

    Waterproof hiking boots are a good thing to keep in your vehicle.

    6. Keep a notebook written in pencil with your family/friends numbers & addresses in case you lose your electronic versions

    7. Carry a reusable water bottle with pure, filtered water from home

    I keep my ”rain” shoes, extra layers, a scarf, a hat, etc in my vehicle in case I need them. My rain shoes have already been ruined, so I don’t worry. Have a clear plastic poncho to cover you & an umbrella. Well, I could go on, but just have an everyday carry bag you keep handy.

    8. One of the most important things for your home is to filter your tap water to drink, use for washing your veggies & fruits, your shower/bath water, etc.

    9. When you wake up, start your gratitude practice & set your intention for the day

    10. Smile & be kind to people. How they react is a reflection on them, not you.

    11. When you are injured or recuperating get up & start walking as soon as you can

    Walk as much as you can every day.

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