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The physical revolution is always bloody. (1 min 39 sec)

The physical revolution is always bloody. (1 min 39 sec)

    1. A physical revolution is inevitably characterized by violence and bloodshed.

    2. A physical revolution, whether it be a political or social restructuring of society, involves protests, uprisings, and armed conflicts.

    3. On the other hand, a psychological revolution, also known as a psyche revolution, entails a transformative change within the Mind.

    4. The psychological revolution is the only game in town, yet it often goes unnoticed by many.

    5. To witness a change in the world, you must first alter your beliefs, attitudes, and perception of yourself and the world within your psyche.

    6. These changes require introspection and self-awareness, leading you to a shift in consciousness and behavior.

    7. While a physical revolution focuses on external changes in society, a psychological revolution concentrates on internal transformations of the Mind and consciousness.

    8. There exists a reciprocal relationship between the inner and outer realms.

    9. Your internal state of Mind and beliefs influence your actions and behaviors, which, in turn, shape the external world around you.

    10. Embarking on a psychological revolution is not bound by time. You can choose to undertake it at any moment.

    11. It occurs when you realize the need for inner transformation and embark on a journey of Self-discovery.

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