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The Power of No - Fifth: The No to Scarcity - 3 Insights

    1. Changing perception from one of scarcity to that of abundance.

    It's possible to feel scarcity but impossible for scarcity to exist as a thing.
    Just because my perception does not see the abundance doesn't me that abundance isn't all around me.
    As the shift in perception happens, the abundance (that's always there) will begin to reveal itself to me but not without the shift.
    If we don't see abundance perhaps it would be wise to redefine what we mean when we speak of the word.

    2. I don't perceive my own best interest.

    Life doesn't happen to me (that would be cruel) - Life happens for me.
    How would I know what's best for me life?(I'm not God)
    Almost everything that I thought was best for me didn't work out as well as I had planned.
    How could I know what's best for me when I don't have access to all the data?
    Assuming I did have access to the data would I be able to decode it? Absolutely not.
    I don't know what's trying to be born and what's trying to die.
    I have no idea what would benefit the world as a whole.
    All I know is that what happens - happens and I get no say so in the matter.

    3. Getting Unstuck.

    Sometimes the best sign to make when you have a horse for sale is a sign that says "Horse For Sale"

    The feeling of being stuck is a narrative.
    The solution is always coupled with the perceived problem.
    We love playing mental gymnastics.
    What does it even mean to be stuck or to feel stuck? Be mindful of the answer to this question because the narrative that emerges from the mere answering of the question is exactly where the problem lies.

    A so-called Stuck person has to:
    Think "I feel stuck" thoughts.
    Think the type of thoughts that a person who felt stuck would think.
    Tell other people about their made-up story of "stuck-ness"
    Completely ignore the types of thoughts that an unstuck person would think or do.
    Build a group of supporters who believe in the idea of "stuck-ness"

    No wonder we FEEL stuck but in reality the only thing that's stuck is our mind.
    We are stuck on how we think and what we believe and the universe simply reproduces in kind.
    One can never see being unstuck from a place of stuck-ness.
    This is not a mere play on words - this is a substantive approach to getting unstuck.
    Decide to feel unstuck. That's it. It's a decision - the process on the "how to's" will spontaneously arise once the decision has been made.
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