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The Power of No - Sixth - The No to Noise - 4 Insights

Noise - anything that was never True and cannot be True now.
I refuse to acknowledge the world's fear and instead go to a place beyond the noise in my head.
I rest in a place of comfort and silence within.

    1. Be the observer.

    I often find myself reacting to external stimuli rather than simply being in the observer role - The Watcher

    In the observer role I relinquish to judge or have an opinion.
    In the observer role there is no right and work - no good or bad.
    In the observer role there's the think that appears to be happening and it's me noticing.
    In the observer role there may be questions and the answers that arrive are always loving and beautify.
    In the observer role that is no need to speak - everything is experienced in the silence.

    2. All of life is meditation.

    We chase idols that prevent us from seeing and being ourselves.
    We are deluded about what we are. We see ourselves as fallible, sinful, unlovable and worthless.
    We don't see ourselves as sacred being.
    We feel like we have to go church, ashram, silent retreats, sweat lodge, Burning Man to find ourselves.
    We fail to understand that anything important does not depend on time, you can do it now. Anything important does not depend on an intermediary, a building, a tent, or even travel for that matter it can be done NOW.
    Each of us has a direct connection to the Divine. - No place to go. Nothing to do. Nothing to be - except what you already are - LOVE!

    Washing dishes is meditative. Mowing the lawn is meditative. Watching children play is meditative. Mediation is presence. Meditation is awareness. Mediation is be here now.

    One of my meditative sessions
    I picked up the plate. I noticed the size and weight. I noticed how my fingers grabbed the plate so gently. I reminisced about how many times I've probably eaten off the plate and it asked me for nothing in return. I noticed how the plate sat in its place until I summoned it to place food on it. I noticed how the plate was food agnostic. I noticed how the plate didn't mind if I washed it or not when I finished using it. I witnessed how the soiled plate and the suds became besties after the first dip. I saw how the plate put up no resistance as the dishwater cleansed it. I noticed how something as simply and mundane as washing a plate can be meditative if I'm willing.

    3. Unless we within - we go without

    I kind of figured something out. We are a backwards society. Let me explain.
    We'll do more for others (wife - kids) than we'll do for ourselves.
    We'll do all the work but then give someone else. (the guru, the mentor, the preacher, the teacher)
    We're the ones that have the negative thoughts that produce unwanted actions yet we blame others for our state of my.
    We're the one that continues to replay our past over and over again and refuse to let it go.
    We're the one that feels like we need an intermediary instead of going directly to the Source.
    We do and say all of these mean things to our kids and wonder why they don't grow up to be responsible adults.
    We'd much rather pay attention to the 3 or 4 negative comments rather than focusing our attention the wonderful comments.
    We look for love in all the places that it's not - a car, home, job, idols, money, titles, and trinkets.
    We focus our attention the most on things that are the most unstable (physical, emotional, and mental) while giving little to no attention on the thing that's the most stable (spirituality)

    4. Negativity is a state of mind.

    Negative (of a person, attitude, or situation) not desirable or optimistic.

    Trust me on this one - You will learn more from so-called negative people and situations than you can ever learn from its counterpart.

    Negativity has a lot to offer us if we are willing. Let's begin with the questioning?
    Why am I judging this person as negative?
    Why do I feel the need to place myself above them? - they're negative - I'm not.
    Don't I have a choice on how I choose to see this person or am I doomed to my default setting?
    What makes this "negative" person different from someone I would label as a "positive" person?
    In what areas am i just as negative, perhaps more?
    How could I notice this in him/her if it's not also in me?
    Did I make a new friend or foe with my current mindset ?
    Who would I be without having such a narrative about my brother/sister?
    Why do attack the person instead of the behavior?
    Isn't the behavior or energy the thing that I do not like and not the person?
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