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The Power of Yes

Much has been made of saying 'no' to things that don't align with our values or edify us, but how often are we willing to say 'yes' to the opportunities that will truly scale the things we want more of in life?

I believe, far too often, that deep underlying fears prevent us from accepting novel experiences, being open to new opportunities, and being comfortable enough with our vulnerabilities to put our creative work out in the world.

    1. Our life narratives are richer and more fascinating when we say 'yes.'

    No one wrote a great novel, composed a memorable symphony, fell passionately in love, or engaged in a great adventure, by saying 'no.'

    2. Saying yes opens doors.

    Some doors we don't want to enter. If we possess knowledge a priori that the door will lead nowhere, then great - say 'no.' Otherwise, why not say 'yes' and see where it leads?

    3. This opportunity comes once in a lifetime.

    If this is it, if this is the moment, if this is all you've been waiting for...say 'YES!' What else are we living for?

    4. Saying 'yes' attracts Yes People.

    With whom do you want to interact: "Yes People" or "No People?" People who define themselves by embracing opportunity or people who embrace the mundane?

    5. Saying 'no' is predictable. Saying 'yes' is scary.

    When we say 'no' we understand just what to expect. Our lives may continue down the well-worn path on which we trod. Saying 'yes' takes us down dark alleys. Saying 'yes' forces us to throw out our to-do lists. Saying 'yes' is Luke Skywalker agreeing to leave his home planet and learn the Force. Saying 'yes' erases the chalkboard and forces us to start with a blank slate. It's scary but it is robustly pregnant with possibilities.

    6. Saying 'yes' to an opportunity means saying 'yes’ to ourselves.

    If we are to engage in a new venture, we must be ready. We must be healthy, we must be well rested, and we must be full of energy and vigor. Saying 'yes' means being mentally, physically, and emotionally prepared for an adventure. We can't do that without taking care of ourselves.

    7. Saying 'yes' obliterates our fears.

    Well, not exactly. The fears, those long-held, comforting fears with which we have spent our lives, the ones that we so wish we could escape from, will still be there. But the Power of Yes puts those fears on notice. It says that we know you're there, but we're going to act anyway. We're going to take the job, go on the date, book the flight, hit publish, and accept the invitation, and there's nothing you, old fear, can do anything about it.

    8. The person you wish to become wants you to say 'yes.'

    That future you, that person to whom you aspire, that person who holds back nothing, completes all they set out to complete, who wins with humility and fails with grace, is asking *begging* say 'yes.' They want you to push away fear and challenge yourself. They want you to try something new and do the thing you've always wanted to lest your fears prevent it. Because this future you knows that they won't become the person they are then without you saying 'yes' now.

    9. Saying 'yes' make us more creative.

    Yes means being open to new ideas. No means sticking with the current ideas. Yes means growth. No means stagnation. Yes means empowerment. No means rejection.

    10. Yes is the ultimate abundant mindset.

    When we say 'yes' we are open to anything and we know we can handle whatever comes. We may feel fear but we also possess the strength to face our fears. We don't hide. We don't stick to rituals and routines. We don't accept stagnation with the false belief that we cannot grow or learn. We open ourselves to the world and let in whatever comes. Yes allows us to transcend our current experience and engage the world in a way that No will never understand.

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