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The Profound Nature of Attention. (2 min 15 sec)

In the realm of true attention, a remarkable transformation occurs, where there is no central "me" but instead an exquisite presence in the present moment. This state of attending is profound, demanding the engagement of your entire being. Here, the boundaries of the self dissolve, leading to a remarkable realization: there is no "me" attending.

    1. The dissolution of the Self.

    As attention deepens, the illusion of self-created divisions begins to fade. The "me" that typically perceives and interprets the world vanishes into the background. This disappearance of the self is a pivotal aspect of profound attention, allowing it to expand unbounded.

    2. Beyond subject and object.

    In this state of complete attending, the duality of subject and object dissolves. There is no longer a "you" and "everything else"; you become one with the entirety of existence. This unity transcends the ordinary boundaries of perception, opening up new dimensions of understanding.

    3. The limitlessness of attention.

    Attention, in its truest form, knows no boundaries. It is not confined by the limits of the egoic self. Instead, it is boundless, stretching out infinitely like the cosmos itself. It is this limitless nature of attention that enables profound insights and understanding.

    4. Expansive space.

    In the spacious realm of pure attention, there is room for everything. Just as in the closing scenes of the movie Lucy, where the protagonist becomes omnipresent, attention encompasses all without division. It is an all-encompassing space that welcomes every aspect of existence.

    5. Everywhere and nowhere.

    Attention is both everywhere and nowhere. It permeates the vast expanse of reality while simultaneously residing in the stillness of the present moment. It is in this paradoxical state that the profound nature of attention truly shines.
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