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The "Pull Up" Queen (3 min 6 sec read)

The term 'pull up queen' refers to someone, usually a woman, who is quick to physically confront or fight others.". She believes she's provoked by the outer because she refuses to look at the inner. She shows a willingness to escalate conflicts and has no issues with using violence to defend herself or prove her point.
You are full of a lot of love and full of a lot of psychological grief, and you don't know quite how to differentiate between the two. 
So these ideas become muddled in your mind, and you react in ways that both you and society label as "criminal," but are truly a call to be loved.

    1. You believe you must suffer.

    In truth, you misunderstand yourself and the innate power you are anointed with. 
    You don't know you are holy, blessed, and sanctified. 
    You erroneously believe you have to suffer, so you assume a "meet me in the parking lot" bravado.
    There's a blurred line between love and fear, and when you don't know the difference between the two, you become trapped in a world of illusions. 

    2. A "pull-up queen."

    If someone says something about you on social media or any form of communication that you don't like, you will find them, and you will annihilate them. 
    Embellished? 🤔 
    Maybe or maybe not. 
    • Think ex-wives or husbands.
    • Think "deadbeat" father.
    • Think of the mama who abandoned you.
    • The foster home parents who mistreated you.
    • Think of anyone whom you feel would try to bring harm to your loved ones.
    • Think of any man, woman, boss, or colleague who has overpowered you against your will.
    • Think of anyone who turned you out.
    • Think of sexual predators who may have attacked you.
    • Think of those who physically, emotionally, or psychologically abused you when you were still young enough to play with Barbie dolls.
    • Think of me.
    • Think of yourself.
    It makes sense why you would show up this way because you have no support to process the grief, pain, and abandonment you felt as a child.

    3. Trick questions?

    Where's all the activity happening?
    What gives the writer the audacity to say that our minds are full of murderous thoughts, beliefs, an opinions?
    Answer: The world, where the main things playing out in time and space are the pursuit of more sex, money, drugs, power, control, guns, attack, and death.
    The next time you feel the need to attack or judge see the behavior you're at odds with as a Call For Love. A call for help.
    The world has enough "pull up queens."
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