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The Real Thing

What the world wants today 
Is the real thing

    1. Reversal of thinking.

    Until one sees for themselves how much a reversal of thinking is in their best interest they will never change.
    If anyone tries to convince or coerce you to think differently have you noticed how you still have the same beliefs and opinions?
    We won't admit it but we are so inextricably attached to our beliefs so much that we are willing to die for them.

    2. What does God want for you?

    He wants you to be happy.
    She wants you to be peaceful.
    He wants you to feel that deep sense of being beloved.
    And you don't feel that now.
    Because your minds are undisciplined.
    You have a monkey mind. It wonders all over the place. 

    3. Artificial distinctions.

    Our minds have made artificial distinctions out of our experiences.
    We label one experience as being good and another as bad.
    We call one experience joy and the next one sorrow.
    We call one feeling love and label the next one fear.
    Honestly, we don't have a clue what any of it means.
    We make artificial distinctions in our lack of understanding state.

    4. The Real Thing

    Once you know and experience The Real Thing you will accept no substitutions.
    Once you know the difference between Real Joy and what you are experiencing currently there will be no doubt in your mind that what you have experienced up to this point is nothing more than Fake News.
    The prerequisite is that you have to want to see The Real Thing.
    Make no mistake about it, the experience that you are having today is the experience that you really want.
    You will see peace and love when that's all you wish to see.
    Love is omnipresent. 
    Love is not hiding from us, we're hiding from love.
    Fake news may appear to pacify your mind for a while but it's always short-lived.
    How long will you continue to be seduced by fake news?
    Fake news is anything that disturbs your peace of mind.
    I love bringing these ideas to you on a daily basis. 
    The ideas are wonderful and so are you.
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