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The Rocco Effect - Short And Sweet

Short descriptions of advice shared in my 1st book.

The Rocco Effect - Short And Sweet

    1. Ask Better Questions

    The questions we ask determine the answers we get. Aim for answers which make you feel good and give you a path towards growth.

    2. Think Feel Act

    All three are interlinked. If you want to change one, try changing the other two.

    3. Qualities

    Focus on showing your best qualities to the world.

    4. The Best Future

    Imagine the best future and base your decisions on what gets you closer to that dream.

    5. Journaling

    Writing down your thoughts gets them out of your head and helps return your mind to a calmer state.

    6. Fix The Small Problems

    Big problems can feel overwhelming, but smaller problems are easily solved and make each solved problem fills your life with a little more meaning.

    7. Morning Routines

    If you do important things first you can live the rest of the day without worry.

    8. Gratitude

    Gratitude is the quickest path to happiness.

    9. 5 Good Things

    End each day with a reflection on what made the day great.

    10. The Rocco Effect - Set 1

    Want to learn more about these and two more secret lessons? Of course you do. Then check out 'The Rocco Effect - Set 1' on amazon now.-

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