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"The Rookie". A bit cringy.

My Netflix home page pitched me this show for quite some time. On the one hand, I find it relaxing due to its nature, meanwhile on another hand, it's super cringe from many standpoints.

    1. Overdramatization

    The show often overemphasizes dramatic moments, making them feel artificial and forced.

    2. Predictable storyline

    The show's plot is formulaic and predictable, with little deviation from the typical police procedural format.

    3. Unrealistic situations

    The show sometimes depicts unrealistic situations that can be hard to believe, even in the context of a TV drama.

    4. Poor dialogue

    The show's dialogue can be clunky and awkward, with characters speaking in stilted, unnatural ways.

    5. Unconvincing acting

    The acting in the show is unconvincing, with characters coming across as wooden or melodramatic.

    6. Stereotypical characters

    The show's characters can feel like one-dimensional stereotypes rather than fully-realized individuals.

    7. Poor pacing

    The show's pacing can be slow and uneven, with episodes feeling both too long and too short.

    8. Contrived conflicts

    The show sometimes creates conflicts between characters that feel contrived and forced, rather than arising organically from the story.

    9. Lack of realism

    The police procedures and protocols are portrayed in an inaccurate or overly simplistic way.

    10. Inconsistent tone

    The show's tone can be inconsistent, with shifts between serious drama and lighthearted comedy that can be jarring and unbalanced.

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