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The Tale of Big Self and Little Self. (2 min 50 sec)


    1. Big Self is a radiant, expansive being, like a star that shines brightly in the night sky.

    It has a smile that lights up the universe and a heart as vast as the cosmos. Big Self is connected to everything, feeling the love and unity that flows through every corner of existence.
    Little Self, on the other hand, is a tiny, curious creature. It looks a bit like a miniature version of Big Self but has a personality all its own. Little Self loves to explore, discover, and experience the world. It gets caught up in its thoughts, worries, and desires.
    One sunny morning, as Little Self was busy scurrying around, it noticed the radiant glow of Big Self from a distance. Curiosity piqued, Little Self approaches and says, "Hello, Big Self! You look so bright and happy. What's your secret?"
    Big Self smiled warmly and replied, "Hello, Little Self! My secret is that I've realized we are all connected, and the love and joy in my heart come from knowing that we are all one."
    Little Self tilts its head and says, "But I feel separate and alone. How can I be like you, Big Self?"
    Big Self gently places a hand on Little Self's shoulder and says, "You see, Little Self, you are not separate. That feeling of separateness is just an illusion created by your thoughts and worries. When you let go of those thoughts and fears, you'll discover the boundless love and unity that already exists within you."
    With these words, Big Self and Little Self embarked on an adventure together. They journeyed through a forest of thoughts, crossed rivers of fears, and climbed mountains of self-doubt. Along the way, Little Self learned to let go of his worries and doubts, and he felt lighter and happier with each step.
    One magical evening, as they watched the stars twinkle in the sky, Little Self looked up at Big Self and said, "I think I understand now Big Self. We are all connected, and love is the key to feeling whole."
    Big Self nodded with a twinkle in its eye and said, "That's right, Little Self. You've found the wisdom within you, and now you can shine as brightly as any star in the universe."
    And so, the tale of Big Self and Little Self reminds us that within each of us lies the boundless love of Big Self. All it takes is a little journey within to discover that radiant light.
    The End
    I am sorry.
    Please forgive me.
    Thank you.
    I love you.
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