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The 'they're evil' play

I've seen this done multiple times. Once I see it I just dismiss whatever they're saying and believe the opposite to be true.

People I've seen it done to - Trump, Jordan Peterson, Joe Rogan, Elon Musk, Jk Rowling and most recently Andrew Tate

    1. Make an outlandish claim

    State an outlandish claim, that if true would prove that these people are vial and should not be looked up to.

    Trump said nazis are fine people.

    Jk Rowling/Jordan peterson is a transphobe.

    2. Back up claim

    Show something out of context. By being persuaded you will be tuned into only seeing the worst. It's a sales trick, this is the tastiest Cola ever made, you're teeth will shine whiter than they ever have, skin so soft etc.

    If you look into both of these claims you soon see that they are taking clips /sayings out of context.

    Trump said - I'm not talking about the white suporemisists or nazis... Before and after saying 'I'm sure there's fine people on both sides'.

    3. Act as if it's true

    Future stories will now be based on the 'fwct' that they are evil. People will be too lazy to look into it and assume it to be true.

    I can't believe you'd vote for trump, he's literally Hitler.

    I can't believe you listen to Jordan Peterson he's a transphobe biggot.

    4. Act

    Take action on these people. Shut them down. Demand that they pay for their evils.

    Trumps impeachment (that went nowhere), fbi rade (that will also lead nowhere).

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