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The Unchanging Nature of Zero and Seven. (3 min 52 sec)

    1. In the realm of mathematical wonders, there exist two unique characters named Seven and Zero.

    They embody a profound truth hidden within numbers.
    Zero is the symbol of absolute neutrality and emptiness, akin to a serene, undisturbed lake. It is a constant, unchanging presence that remains tranquil in all circumstances.
    Seven, on the other hand, personifies external influences and events. It represents joy, sorrow, success, or failure — anything that originates from the outside world. Seven is a shape-shifter, adapting to various forms and roles as life unfolds.
    Their journey begins with the equation 0 + 7 = 7. As Seven merges with Zero, something extraordinary happens. Despite the addition of external influences, Zero remains unperturbed. It is as though Seven's presence casts no ripples on Zero's surface, leaving it untouched. This equation reveals a profound truth:
    When external events enter our lives, our inner essence, our core identity, remains unaltered.
    Curiosity leads them to explore further, delving into the equation 0 - 7 = 7. In this experiment, Seven's influences are subtracted from Zero. Astonishingly, the result remains Seven. Even when stripped of external factors, Zero's serenity persists. This teaches us that even in the absence of external influences, our inner state remains unchanged.
    It is a revelation that our true self is not dependent on external conditions.
    Their journey continues with the equation 7 x 0 = 0. Here, Seven's influences are multiplied by Zero. The outcome is equally remarkable. When external factors are multiplied and interact with Zero's neutrality, they dissolve into nothingness. This equation illustrates that even extreme external influences lose their power in the presence of inner neutrality.
    It emphasizes that our inner essence can neutralize the impact of any external events.
    Finally, they encounter the equation 7 / 0 = undefined.  The division introduces a new element into their exploration. When Seven attempts to divide Zero, the result is undefined. It is a reminder that there are limits to what external influences can do to our inner essence. We're all One. We can't divide Oneness.
    Trying to divide our core from external factors leads to undefined outcomes, emphasizing the resilience of our inner truth.
    The repetition of these equations underscores the unchanging nature of their discoveries. No matter the mathematical operation applied, Zero's essence remains constant: a source of inner peace and stability.
    This reinforces the idea that what doesn't change is real, while what changes is not truly real.
    In the grand tapestry of life, Seven and Zero's journey unveils a profound truth. It teaches that our inner essence, symbolized by Zero, remains steadfast and unaltered by the ever-shifting external circumstances represented by Seven. Their adventure encourages us to connect with our unchanging core, finding stability, peace, and authenticity amidst life's fluctuations.
    It echoes the wisdom of sages and philosophers who emphasize the importance of recognizing our unchanging nature amid the ever-changing dance of existence.
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