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The Watcher and the Watched. (1 min 58 sec)

    1. Your mind is like a movie screen.

    Thoughts, feelings, and sensations flit across it like projected images. But who is watching this ever-changing show? This, my friend, is the watcher, the awareness itself, the unmoving screen upon which these images play

    2. The watcher doesn't get lost in the movie.

    It doesn't get swept away by the stories woven around each thought or feeling. Instead, it observes with calm detachment, witnessing its own experience without judgment or attachment.

    3. Beneath the constant flow of emotions and thoughts, an unchanging presence resides.

    This is pure consciousness, the being, the Self that allows you to experience all. This is the watcher.

    4. Here's the twist: in reality, the watcher and the watched are one.

    They're not separate entities, but two sides of the same coin. Duality, the illusion of separation, creates the sense of "me" experiencing "my thoughts." But awareness of the watcher is to glimpse the truth of oneness.

    5. This practice of witnessing, of simply observing your experience with gentle awareness, leads to a profound shift.

    You begin to see through the conditioned patterns that color your world, to connect with your true self, the ever-present, unchanging watcher within.

    6. So, take a moment now.

    Close your eyes and tune into the watcher within. See the thoughts and feelings arise, witness them pass, and simply be the awareness that remains. In that stillness, you reconnect the truth of your being, the oneness that lies beyond the fleeting images of the mind.

    7. Keep practicing, keep witnessing, and keep uncovering the watcher within.

    I am sorry.
    Please for give me.
    Thank you.
    I love you.
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