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The Weekly Roundup

    1. Tourists

    Last weekend I had to run some errands and Ashbourne seemed very touristy for the time of year. Sadly, WH Smith is closing. They had a 75% off sale. I bought a Lamy demonstrator fountain pen for £6.24!

    2. Tooth hurty

    I started with mild toothache (wisdom tooth) a fortnight ago. It gradually built to a crescendo and peaked on Sunday. For a few days before I'd hardly been eating (too painful) and drinking was difficult.

    3. Extraction

    After a bit of to-ing and fro-ing trying to get an appointment, I had to ring for an emergency slot on Monday. There was doubt as to whether the dentist had enough time to do an extraction! By this point, I was willing to pull it out myself!

    4. My Dad did that once!

    He was probably in his 60s, it was a weekend, he was in a lot of pain, and couldn't see a dentist until the following week. My Mum and I went to do some shopping, came back and my Dad had sorted his tooth himself!

    5. Instant relief

    Anyway, the dentist did take out my wisdom tooth. Apart from the post-operative ache, it was almost instant relief.

    6. Coffee machine

    Chris bought me an early Christmas present. We couldn't get it to work for two days as there was an air lock. Chris cut down a glass turkey baster to the size of the aperture and released the air lock. Makes great coffee now!

    7. Join me on Discord

    I've mostly abandoned social media but I do use Discord. I had a bright idea to set up a server for Books Beans Boots. Once I've got it properly set up, I'll invite you!

    8. How many Prime Ministers?

    I popped into the Little Shed for a latte at lunch time. One of the other customers turned round and said, 'Liz Truss has resigned'. I said, 'Yay!'.

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