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There are no idol thoughts

All thoughts go somewhere.
It's not possible to have a neutral thought. All thoughts are creative in nature.
We are expressions of unspeakable power. It's not possible for us to not have results.

    1. Thoughts become things.

    You don't get a vote. This is true for everyone.
    Everything you see, including bodies, is the result of a thought.

    2. No thoughts are neutral.

    It's impossible to have a thought that doesn't produce a result.
    This is one very good reason to only choose loving thoughts that serve you and all of humanity.
    All thoughts have effects. 
    A thought without effects. No such thing exists.
    Would you call your perceiving an entire universe an idol thought?
    Your thoughts about.... 
    • past mistakes or regrets
    • negative self-evaluations or self-criticism
    • fear of future events or uncertainty
    • relationship problems
    • paying your cell phone bill
    • thoughts about Bob
    • and unresolved conflicts
    ...are not neutral because you have no neutral thoughts.

    3. Thoughts are either true or false.

    Forget about labeling your thoughts as good or bad. It does not matter.
    Forget about labeling your thoughts as important or unimportant. It does not matter.

    The only thing that matters is whether a thought is true or false.

    Honestly, what does it matter if a thought is good or bad if it's not true?
    If it's a good thought and it's not true, so what.
    If it's a bad thought and it's not true, so what.
    Every single thought you have today will either reinforce love in the world or the thought will engender more fear in the world.
    It's one or the other. A single thought will either reinforce and contribute to conflict in the world or peace in the world.
    You operate each day as an immensely powerful presence and as such you must be mindful of where you place your attention.
    What you give your attention to is what life gives you in return. 
    Look at your life and you can validate this truth for yourself.
    Attention goes where energy flows. Energy flows where attention goes. 
    This includes anything that you're thinking/worrying about.
    There is an unspeakable power passing through the matrix of your thoughts that you're engaged in. 
    The world that you see now shows up as the result. A perfect match - every time.
    We are expressions of unspeakable power. It's not possible for us to not have results.

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