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There's only one pool.

And you don't have to swim but you can't get out of the pool.

    1. One of the most direct paths to awakening from the illusion of separateness is through relationships.

    Everything you discover about yourself and others will be through relationships.
    You can say relationships are the place where the rubber hits the road.

    2. One must learn how to integrate daily life events with a higher form of wisdom.

    People are constantly triggered by the same type of things.
    Reface - swap your face with that of your frenemy and you'll suddenly witness the edges soften.

    3. What you're motivated to see in others is exactly what you will see.

    How well do you know yourself?
    How do you see yourself?
    What are your preoccupations?
    All of the above color your perception of the world.
    If you wear rose-colored glasses everything will look rosy.
    It's impossible not to do.
    The way you look at life is the way you'll assume others look at it.
    Using the same logic.
    If you see yourself as an expression of The Most High you will see other people that way too.
    No one has ever been able to show me an unholy soul.

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