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These Thoughts Don't Mean Anything. (4 min 04 sec)


They see a world that's not there.
Can we dive into something profound? Our thoughts, in this physical form, hold immense power. But here's the catch: they become jumbled.
Why? Because they pass through the distorting filter of our ego, clouding our perception of reality.
Have you ever questioned if your outlook on reality might be a tad askew?
I pondered this question and here's what hit me:

    1. Muddled thoughts?

    Here's the culprit: confusing Mind with brain. Our thoughts are twisted because we falsely equate the two. But Mind, not brain, is the true source of our perceptions. Let's clear the confusion and think straight.

    2. Distorted thoughts on reality?

    Blame the ego. It taints our perception, adding judgments, biases, and illusions. No wonder our grip on objective reality slips. It's time to see beyond the ego's lens and perceive truth as it is.

    3. Thoughts in a tangle?

    Blame the ego. It distorts experiences, tricking us into thinking our interpretations are the gospel truth. But in reality, they're subjective, molded by biases and conditioning. Let's untangle this mess and embrace the truth of our subjectivity.

    4. Let's proceed ladies and gentlemen.

    5. Messy thoughts?

    Blame attachment. It convinces us that our happiness hinges on external things and people. But this trap keeps us chasing validation and security. Let's break free and find fulfillment from within.

    6. Confused thoughts on freedom?

    Blame the ego. It sees freedom as doing whatever it wants, even if it harms others. But true freedom lies in freeing ourselves from the ego's illusions and embracing the truth. Let's discover the real meaning of freedom.

    7. Who did what to whom?

    Blame the blame game. We lose when we engage in the blame game, assigning guilt or responsibility to others for our own experiences and perceptions. Our perceptions are subjective, and the idea of victimhood is false and an impossibility.

    8. Scrambled thoughts?

    The blame game's at it again. Falsely assigning guilt to others muddles our perceptions. The victimhood trap perpetuates a distorted reality. Let's own our experiences and perceptions.

    9. Be patient, my dear Watson; your opportunity will come.

    10. Loopy thoughts?

    Blame attack and defense. We think they protect and empower us, but they only breed fear and separation. Let's break this cycle and embrace love and unity.

    11. Thoughts of lack?

    Blame the belief that giving diminishes us. True abundance stems from selfless giving, not expecting anything in return. Aligning with the universe's abundance expands our capacity for love as we watch our stores grow.

    12. I'm excited to read your thoughts! We're almost home, Dear Ones.

    13. The backward idea of forgiveness!

    Blame unforgiveness. We think it condones or forgets actions. True forgiveness sees innocence and divine nature in all. Release judgments, and choose love over fear

    14. Confused about relationships?

    Blame specialness. We prioritize specialness and seek validation in exclusive relationships. But true love is inclusive, embracing all as equals. God's love is unending, for everyone without exception. 

    15. Our thoughts hold immense power, but they become distorted by the ego, attachment, blame, and limited views of love.

    To untangle these muddled thoughts, we must break free from external expectations, victimhood, attack, and defense, and prioritize inclusivity, forgiveness, and selfless giving. Let us recognize the source of our perceptions. Let us embrace the boundless love that exists within us and permeates through all beings. Let us see the world as it truly is, in all its beauty, grace, and abundance.
    I am sorry.
    Please forgive me.
    Thank you.
    I love you.
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