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Things Amazon Can Do To Grow Their Business

Amazon is already massive. Both from and eCommerce standpoint, but also the AWS business. But a buisness can always be better.

    1. Expand Whole Foods

    More grocery stores. Larger footprint stores. WholeFoods Prime. Big box subscription shopping.

    2. Amazon Theatrical releases

    Amazon has put a lot of money into its entertainment business.

    Disney makes a lot of money from theatrical releases. Top Gun just became a billion dollar business.

    Amazon could release some big movies in theaters and make big money from it.

    3. Amazon Consulting

    If I am a seller I can hire an Amazon consultant to improve my business.

    4. Amazon Manufacturing

    Maybe I want to start a pottery business. But I need a factory that makes pottery that I can sell.

    Amazon could have a portal that connects me as a seller with the appropriate manufacturer.

    5. Amazon Travel

    Book flights

    Book hotels

    Book cruises

    Book excursions - experiences

    6. Amazon Advertising

    Amazon has just started into this business. Allow seller to advertise their products on Amazon similar to how Google organizes page advertising.

    Amazon should also create an advertising platform and subscription for all of its media assets. Video, Music, podcasts, audio books etc.

    7. Amazon Internet

    I know they are already working on this, but providing satellite internet across the globe. They have the resources to launch satellites into space

    8. Amazon Trucks

    Amazon should create a consumer electric truck/car. There would be a huge demand for this.

    9. Amazon Electronics

    They already have the Kindly. They already white label a ton of different electronics.

    Amazon should create a line of computers, laptops, tablets, TVs. Maybe even appliances.

    10. Amazon Sales

    They have already mastered AWS. Why not create a sales CRM system to help Amazon sellers reach new customers and track all of that information.

    11. Amazon Health

    Could Amazon be the go to portal for healthcare professionals to buy all of their hospital tools?

    - Masks, gowns, gloves

    - Medical devies like robots, wheelchairs, scalpals

    - Could Amazon become a pharmacy and supply drugs to both consumers and whole to hospitals and doctors offices?

    12. Amazon Metaverse

    Lets leverage AWS. Amazon already has a gaming plaftorm. Could they create their own Metaverse where people can play games? Or people could shop virtually at seller stores.

    13. Amazon You

    YouTube, but Amazon

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