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Things I can use Notion for in my personal life

We use Notion at work, and I love how it keeps me organized. For some reason, it's only now dawned on me that I can use it in my personal life as well. Here are some ways I can use it in my life as an all-purpose information collection station. In particular, I'm looking forward to only needing to reference one wide-reaching tool and reducing the number of disjointed apps I'm dependent on.

    1. An important document repository I can access on the go

    I have a work computer, a personal computer, and other devices that important documents like my resume are stored on. If I upload everything to Notion, it should all be an easy click away, from any device.

    2. My short-term to-do list

    I'm constantly updating my daily to-do list, which I use to stay sane and prioritize my tasks. I'd love to move this to Notion and get off the "notes" app, which I don't find particularly user-friendly.

    3. My grocery list

    If I keep track of older grocery lists, I can probably also glean some insight into the products I'm buying the most and how my tastes are evolving.

    4. A chronicle of movies I've watched/want to watch

    I've been getting more into cinema lately, and I know Notion is good at making lists fun.

    5. My calendar

    I actually have to do a lot of thinking before I pull the trigger on this one. Since I'm constantly running around, I rely on my calendar to make sure I get where I need to go when I need to be there. I have to make sure Notion works as well as my current calendar app.

    6. A reference base for articles I find useful

    Whether on career, life, or societal subjects. I read so many articles that I lose track of them. Maybe Notion can help with this.

    7. My Journal

    Why not move my journal from a random Word doc to Notion?

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