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Things I Can Work On

Feeling a lot better today. Now that my energy has returned what should i do?

    1. Popeman

    I can record part 13 and write some more chapters.

    2. Daily Advice

    I can write more daily advice blogs. I could even record a few advice videos. I could look into how i can turn these videos into a podcast series.

    3. Uke

    `I can play some ukulele. Playing always cheers me up (Even if it's bad)

    4. Comic

    I could write a few scripts for future comics. I've almost uploaded all of my current ones to Webtoons. Time to make some more.

    5. Easy! Language

    I could animate another conversation for my Easy! Language series.

    6. Draw

    I'd like to make popeman into a comic. i can draw up some designs. I could draw up a really rough comic and touch it up as i go. I could focus on one chapter at a time and head back and touch everything up before i publish a completed book.

    7. `The Rocco Effect - Set 3

    I've already got the draft written up. It's about time i touched everything up and published set 3.

    Set 1 -

    Set 2 -

    8. Advertising

    My websites got plenty of stock in it. There's something for everyone. My focus now should be advertising the stock to the right crowd. Stoics, philosophy nerds and self-help enthusiasts will all love my products and who doesn't want to improve there lives? Meaning everyones a potential customer if i can get them thinking along those lines first.

    9. Blog Posts

    I want to share tpics that are timeless, so no tackling the news of the day. But if the news is about a problem solutions could be timeless, so i could write about them and add to the solutions as i get wiser.

    Studying -

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