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Things I could Do Tomorrow

I didn't do much today. I picked up my new phone, set that up, napped then cooked diner. Hopefully tomorrow will be a little more productive.

Things I could Do Tomorrow

    1. Take Photos

    That was the main reason for getting the pixel. Maybe I can make a trip into Glasgow and take some nice photos there

    2. Glasgow

    I could venture north and explore new areas. Maybe I could go to one of the museums and take photos there. Is that allowed?

    3. Design

    As much as I design something always seems lacking and im not quite sure what it is yet. I'm sure I'll figure it out. Once I do I'll be a fashion icon.


    4. Write

    I could grab a coffee in Glasgow and write about more biases.

    one of the latest I've been working on. Still needs work.

    Illusion Of Control

    The illusion of control is a cognitive bias where individuals overestimate their ability to control events. They believe that their actions have a greater impact on outcomes than they actually do, and tend to attribute success to their own abilities, while blaming external factors for failures.

    We all know people that don’t acknowledge the groups effort, until they fail. It might be a boss claiming failure on ‘not following instructions’, a politician on ‘Unforeseen circumstances’, a group presentation on ‘The other members doing nothing’. Whereas praise is always down to them ‘That was my idea’, ‘I managed that team to victory’, ‘I made this presentation myself.’

    5. Read

    I bought the book 'Thinking Better' last week and s far I've really been enjoying it. I might need to reread it to really grasp the mathematics, but I feel I have a good understanding of the underlying structure.

    6. AI

    Think of more images I could make using AI.

    This has always annoyed me about art. I'd have great ideas, but when I put pen to paper it never quiet lives up to my vision. Maybe now I can get closer to my imagination.

    7. Play Ukulele

    Always cheers me up to play and sing some songs.Maybe I can record a song and really track my progress.

    Dust In The Wing (Original Song) -

    8. Comedy

    I've not written a joke in a while I need to get back to it. I tried writing stories, but I don't think that's really my style. Maybe I can go back to jokes and try and weave a story around them.

    9. haircut

    get the sides trimmed. Gives me another reason to take some photos.

    10. Make £1

    I'm not sure how I'll do it, but it's low enough that im sure I'll find a way.

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