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Turning my Weekend To Do List into a List of Themes

I have so many things that I want/ need to do that making a list that I have to attack over the weekend can be a little off-putting. Instead of a to do list, I could try to accomplish some of these to dos by thinking about them as themes.


    1. Theme of Cleaning

    I need to clean my house - maybe I could use one day and focus on it? Probably not likely.

    2. Theme of Games

    I want to play some board games, pc games, phone games, nintendo games, board game arena games. I could use one day to do this

    3. Theme of Reading

    I have a ton of articles and posts in my Reader, Books are piled everywhere in my house and I have several library books both e-book and physical pending my attention

    4. Theme of Exercise

    I could sepdn a day walking or working out. Not likely.

    5. Theme of Knitting

    I have a ton of knitting projects that I need to get started. I have some homework for an online class that is scheduled for later this month.

    6. Theme of Art

    I have magazines that I'd like to flip through, watercolors and art supplies that I'd like to use

    7. Theme of Music

    I could listen to Medici TV, Play the piano, play my drum and dance

    8. Theme of Puzzles

    I have boxes of puzzles and a 250 piece puzzle that I'm working on - Five Gold Rings - I've worked up from A Partridge in a Pear tree.

    9. Theme of Home Improvement

    I have a bathroom fan that I need to either pull out and oil so that it runs again or buy a new one. I also have a Home Decorating course that I need to complete so that I can confidently redecorate my living room. I could also Declutter

    10. Theme of Writing

    I need to finish a short story this weekend, I need to submit something to a magazine, I need to read a writing book and read and analyze a short story so that I can improve my craft.

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