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Things I Could Sell On Etsy (or other sites)

I'm all thumbs so I'm unlikely to be able to move a single unit of anything I made by hand, but...

    1. Digital Planner Spreads

    I spend enough time trying to organize my information (especially in a bullet journal) that my pages may be useful to others if done neatly in a digital format

    2. T-Shirts

    Make a funny joke on a shirt, sell shirt (TeeSpring and CafePress might be better for this)

    3. Guided Journals

    All I have to do is come up with a few hundred prompts...

    4. "Vintage Maps": I could sell vintage maps that have been restored.

    My father-in-law was a cartographer... this idea might actually have legs.

    5. "Handmade Soaps": I could sell handmade soaps that are natural and organic.

    6. "Sculptures": I could sell sculptures that are made from recycled materials.

    7. "Jewelry": I could sell jewelry that is made from recycled materials.

    8. "Candles": I could sell candles that are scented with essential oils.

    9. 3D Printed Kitchen Gadgets

    A friend of mine made a lid that can go on a can of Tim Horton's coffee and release the correct dose to brew one cup of coffee. I'm sure there are ideas like that which could be fixed with the right shaped piece of plastic.

    10. Custom teddy bears

    My son has a teddy bear and its right foot paw has a picture of my late father-in-law's fingerprint. It's a lovely memento, and could probably be done for cheaper than the funeral home charged us...

    11. Repurposed Glassware - Whiskey Glasses, Beer Glasses, Wine Glasses

    Get my own glass cutting kit and work old bottles into branded glasses.

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