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Things i disagree with that everyone else assumes is religion

    1. You have to have a beautiful lawn

    Why must my lawn be beautiful? Spending time and money fighting nature is a waste of resources. No, I'll take reasonable care of my lawn so neighbors don't complain, but that's it.

    2. AI will eventually be smarter than humans

    We presume too much thinking we can create artificial brains better than our own.

    3. The human race will eventually wipe itself out

    We also underestimate humans' ability to survive, persevere, and solve problems.

    4. Video games will rot your brain

    Too much of anything is bad. But I let my kids play video games. I even encourage it. Done in moderation, I believe video game playing helps kids learn to solve problems on their own.

    5. You need a college education to succeed

    You want to have a successful career. It doesn't matter what field you choose to go into: you either throw money at it (going to college), or you throw passion at it (you live and breathe it until you're one of the best). Either way works. Just whatever you do, don't be lazy.

    6. You have to keep up with the news

    You have no influence over pretty much any news you read. And pretty much any news you read doesn't affect you at all. Keeping up with the news is kind of like watching TV. It's a passive activity that won't get you anywhere.

    7. If X continues at this rate, Y will happen in Z years

    If deforestation continues at this rate, there will be no trees left on Earth in 100 years. If Aaron Judge's home run hitting continues at this rate, he'll have 1000 home runs by the end of the baseball season. These statements can get ridiculous fast. Nothing ever "continues at this rate." When alarming things happen, people will take notice and act to solve the problem.

    8. You're not allowed to fail in life

    Unless you do something to get yourself killed, you always have another chance.

    9. Getting rich will solve all your problems

    Most lottery winners end up broke. Getting rich only solves your "poor people" problems. You will get an equivalent set of "rich people" problems in exchange.

    10. There is a Heaven and a Hell

    The concept of Heaven and Hell imply eternal pain or eternal peace. I don't believe any outlying state like pain or peace can last forever.

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