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Things I Enjoyed the Most This November

This month has been a blast. It has been a really good November for me.


    1. I went to see an installation of Alebrijes

    Brightly colored Mexican folk art of fantastical creatures

    2. Wakanda Forever

    I was surprised at how much I enjoyed this movie without Chad Boseman. They honored him and helped the audience and the characters move on. We grieved with them, remember him and will honor him. It was masterfully done.

    3. Seeing my cats respond so well to the shift from dry to canned cat food

    They are perkier, more playful, more alert. I think the dry food was just putting them to sleep.

    4. Bourbon Pecan Pie

    I made this for Thanksgiving and YUM!

    5. I cooked a turkey in a different way this year and it turned out wonderfully.

    I cut the bird up, seasoned it, let it sit for a night in the fridge and then fried it skin side down until it was golden. Then I put it in the oven and cooked it until the temperature said it was safe to eat. Best Turkey I've ever cooked. The white meat wasn't dried out because I didn't have to wait for the Dark Meat to Cook and the Dark Meat was great!

    6. I cooked Southern Greens and they tasted GREAT.

    I think the difference was the way I cleaned them - I soaked them in the sink with vinegar and salt. Then drained it and washed them again. Then I burned them in chicken broth with seasoning and bits of ham. They were tender and good. Which is amazing given my past experience (EEWWWW).

    7. I took a course on St Francis of Assisi Mysticism.

    Really opened my eyes on the difference between the evangelical tradition I came out of and what he believed.

    8. I took a course on Disciplined Agile

    This changed my perception about the DASM certification and is helping me improve my project management skills.

    9. I read a book called You Belong. Great Book

    This book, the courses I've been taking and a number of other books are tying together ideas about embodiment, mindfulness and God as continually offering us the good in every moment has really made it easier for me to love God and be more open to others.

    10. Walked the Labyrinth at the Theosophical Society

    11. Bought my 2023 Calendars ahead of time.

    12. I finished another Finders Seekers puzzle game

    13. I finished my scene mapping of my revision

    Now I need to rework my characters and rewrite a lot of scenes. Progress was made in November!!

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