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Things I like to decorate with

Redecorating our house this week. We don't have much stuff, like to stay clutter free, but like to have some things up.

    1. Books

    Have so many. Some just because they look good. Look good on bookshelves. Or stack them up and put stuff on them.

    2. Plants

    My partner loves plants. We have too many, but they look good. They die all the time, unfortunately.

    3. Old music record covers

    Bought a bunch at a garage sale. From the 60's and 70's. Cool art and colors. On bookshelves. Or could hang some.

    4. Old magazines

    Also from 60's and 70's. Love to put them out. They look sylish and you can even read them.

    5. Skateboards

    Have some skateboard decks that look really cool. Want to hang them, just don't know how or where.

    6. Art

    Normal art. Just bought a few prints that I need to frame. Framing, and art, is so expensive!

    7. Games

    Chess sets. Tic Tac Toe sets. Puzzles you put together. Some of these look good.

    8. Trinkets

    Not sure what to call them. Odds and ends we've been given or picked up at thrift shops or flea markets. Things that look cool, that have no real purpose.

    9. Knives

    Have some old antique knives or daggers that are interesting to look at.

    10. Clocks

    Have a few old clocks I like to look at. One is close to 100 years old.

    11. Family art

    Children's art. Some art that family painted. Looks pretty good, actually.

    12. Photos

    We don't have a ton of family photos. Probably shoud get more. I want to get a polaroid camera and take a picture of everyone who visits and then quickly hang the picture up with other photos for people to see.

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