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Things I Like To Do, But Am Generally Too Lazy To Do

In the category of "once I've started" or "once I'm there" its nice, but too much of a PITA to get to that point. Man, I'm a pretty lazy person...

Things I Like To Do, But Am Generally Too Lazy To Do

    1. Chores

    Do like them being done, but almost always need a motivator, usually "sh*t, better get this done or the wife will be ticked off." Or, a sweet treat after I get them done.

    2. Go to the beach

    Depending on where we go, a 1.5 to 2 hour+ drive each way. Plus the chairs, cooler, etc., and getting rid of the sand.

    3. Cook more elaborate meals

    The simpler, the better. Hot dogs on the grill vs. stir fry, for example.

    4. File purging (at home)

    But when I do, I do it right!

    5. Filing (at work)

    Funny how most paper isn't needed / wanted. So, important stuff gets filed daily. The rest... when I feel like it. Sad that nobody notices.

    6. Exercise

    While its a need to do, I can almost always find an excuse not to. Then, fight through the excuse to get it done, because it feels worse to not do it than to do it.

    7. Walk the puppy

    He's not a good walker, yet. Nice to be out with him, but when the kid should be doing the walk, hard to get motivated.

    8. Amusement Parks

    The kid seems to be growing out of his roller coaster thing. He motivates us to go. When we're there, I like going on some rides. But without his pushing, ain't doing it. We gave up our family membership to Six Flags a couple months ago.

    9. Aquarium "aquascaping"

    I think that's the right term... setting up / changing up plants, decorations, etc. Changing every once in a while is nice, but doing it takes some design energy which isn't my strong suit.

    Always take care of feeding, checking the water, and scooping out corpses. Replacing sometimes...

    10. Minor repairs

    If it is a little thing (like the microwave handle the kid broke recently), it may stay that way for a while. Even when I received the replacement. Because that 10 minute job is inevitably a 2 hour ordeal. Like when you have the handle fixed then drop the door and break one of the two latches and have to order and replace the part.

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