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Thing's I love

Unfortunately I've not got a lass to celebrate with tomorrow, but it's not that bad there's still plenty in my life to love.

    1. Friends/Family

    I've been blessed with both.  Always there when I need them and even when I don't.

    2. Dad's cooking

    Dad's a great chef.  It's nice to have good food most day's.

    3. My mind

    I amaze myself sometimes with what I'm able to accomplish.

    4. Sleep

    A good sleep fixes most almost everything.

    5. My health

    I see lots of people around my age or younger who have just destroyed their bodies/minds.  It's a shame.  I'm glad I'm healthy in mind, body and soul (whatever that may be).

    6. Music

    I've been listening to Spotify more than usual the last few days.  I usually spend that time listening to podcasts.  Allowing my mind to rest and just enjoy the music has resulted in me being happier.  I still love podcasts so I'll work on finding the right balance of learning/relaxing.

    7. The Simpsons

    I've recently been watching the Simpsons again after hearing it's returned to being good again.  I was sceptical, but they where right there's some great episodes from the last few years.  It's by no means peak Simpsons, but it's definitely back on the right path.  I'm happy to see it doing well again.

    8. Norm MacDonald

    He's the comedian I'd love to be.  Rip Norm 

    9. Spring

    Winter's almost over.  I'm looking forward to longer days and more sun.  

    10. Junkies

    Always fun to listen to their nonsense.
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