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Things I need to get rid of

Sometime I get a scarcity mindset and start to hoard items that I do not need. Getting rid of items frees up mental space.

    1. T-Shirts

    Way too many clothes in my closet I am not going to wear.

    2. Books I am not going to read again

    Lots of unnecessary books.

    3. Old receipts

    After I enter them in YNAB. I really do not need them anymore.

    4. Garage tools

    Unneeded paint supplies. Tools that have rust. Wood pieces. Old light fixtures etc.

    5. Art supplies

    I’m not going to become an artist anytime soon. Maybe when I am older

    6. Old kitchen supplies

    I need a new set of knives, but I don’t need old utensils.

    7. Old notes

    There are good ideas and bad ideas.

    8. Leaves in the front yard

    I have a giant tree in my front yard that throws off leaves all the time. Need to go clean them up.

    9. My contact/text messages list

    Delete people and messages that I do not need.

    10. Kitchen junk drawer

    That needs to go

    11. Basket of old electronic cords

    Hate throwing away electronic, but am never going to use those items.

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