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Things I need/want in a desk

We need to get another desk for our house. My spouse already works from home and I just started a new role that's fully remote. I'll get the old desk and a new one was ordered that comes in a few days. Here's what I like/want...


    1. Enough space

    I've been using a console table that just isn't big enough. I will have two 27-in. monitors, a laptop, a docking station, a mouse, and a keyboard. Plus an area to write notes. Need about 60 inches wide and

    2. Standing desk capability

    Not sure how much I'll use this, but my hand-me-down desk will have a Veridesk standing desk converter. Like that, if I want, I can stand up some.

    3. Seating

    Right now, I'm using a table bench. It's not very comfortable. I'll either need to stand more or get another chair. I am unsure if I'll buy a chair, or just use something from around the house. Any affordable suggestions?

    4. Room for a picture or plant

    Don't have anything up there right...

    5. Near a window

    Got that right now, don't want to feel like I'm in a cubicle.

    6. Anything else I'm missing?

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