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Things I no longer care about


    1. College Sports

    It's very hard to care about 19 year olds who are very young and finding their way in life. Not to mention schools spending an absurd amount of money on an activity.

    2. Nice cars

    I literally cannot stand cars. I really want to sell one of mine, but it's kind of an inconvenience to do so.

    3. Big home

    The bigger, the more work.

    4. Competing with others

    Think it is much more important to compete with yourself. That said, when you are competing against others, no need to sabotage yourself. Give your opponent a chance to do that first.

    5. FOMO

    Can't think of anything lately where I feel like I missed out... I used to think about this daily.

    6. Being super rich

    Now the goal is to control my time and have enough money to live the life I want. Money is important though. If you have none, you will have more problems. I can see how having a ton of money can bring more problems too, though.

    7. Impressing others

    With a title. Or an accomplishment. Now I've probably swung too far in the other direction and don't care enough...

    8. Holding grudges

    Any hate in your heart is a drag. Even if someone does you wrong, it's better to hope they find what they are looking for, move on, and never think about them again. Don't give negativity the time of day. I was upset with a family member for many years, there's no point. Now, I except them for who they are and our relationship is functional.

    9. Wake up 5am, Meditate an hour a day, cold showers, the latest grift

    This hustle-nonsense is a total waste of time. You do you. What might work for someone famous might be great for them. It also is likely a waste of your time.

    10. I still care about doing better and making good decisions

    This I still beat myself up about a bit.

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