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Andrew Rampersaud


Things I notice about wealthy people

Some of this was inspired by Richhabits.net, some my own observations

    1. They never automatically "hate" wealthy people

    There are some up-to-no good wealthy people out there, but in general, all the really poor people I've been around despise people who have money. They never ask themselves, "What are they doing that I'm not?"

    2. They are socially skilled and in control of their emotions

    Never seen a wealthy person get angry or speak poorly to other people. Even when attacked. On Shark Tank (I know this is a TV show), every time someone gets turned down, I've almost never seen a Shark be vicious.

    3. Healthy

    These people are glowing! And no, it's not the money!

    4. Cautious

    Using Shark Tank again: it takes a lot for a Shark to make a deal.

    5. Generous when it's appropriate

    I'm gonna stop with the Shark Tank examples, promise! But Lori has a "golden ticket" that, to my understanding, she gives to someone she wants to help, just because.

    6. Understands time management

    They can get a lot done, and usually faster than the average person.

    7. They aren't buying coffee and cigarettes

    They get enough sleep, they take care of their health, so they don't need these. I've seen a lot of poor people do the opposite.

    8. Revenue that they make goes back into the business i.e. they invest in themselves

    All big businesses do this and so do savvy business leaders. A lot of poor people don't.

    9. They don't make excuses, they just do things

    I always liked that when he first doing podcasts @JamesAltucher would just record them on his phone. Usually people make excuses about why they can't do something. James wrote a whole blog post about it.

    10. They read to improve

    Have you ever met a wealthy person who's not reading? Do know you know a lot of poor who do?

    11. They get up early and work hard

    I heard Kobe Bryant say in an interview that he gets up early so he has more time to practice than he usually would.

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