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Things I Want But Don't Need To Buy

All of these are "nice to do" and not "need to do." And not nice enough to do to push for - at least now.

Things I Want But Don't Need To Buy

    1. New Suits

    Have a few which fit and are in good shape. And rarely wear them any more.

    2. New Ties

    Same with ties.

    3. VW Thing

    For the want of an additional $100 in 1978, I could have bought a orange hard top VW Thing. Had a Beetle, but couldn't convince the seller to take it in trade, and he wouldn't come down $100. I had tapped out all my legal sources.

    Oh... I'd "settle" for a Beetle in good shape.

    4. Garage

    Our Cape Cod doesn't have a garage. One side of the house was a playground for our son when he was young. Now, it is just mulched, as grass won't grow there. A garage would fit nicely there.

    5. Finished Basement

    Our basement isn't finished. We use it for storage, and I exercise there. But that would mean the wife would have to agree to get rid of a bunch of junk. And I don't see that happening...

    6. Fancy watches

    Kinda curious about fancy watches, but not enough to drop the type of money to get into it.

    7. Vintage GI Joes

    I collect them (60's/70's era), but the price for the old stuff is way too high, still.

    8. Massage Chair

    Should be self-evident...

    9. RV

    This is more the wife's want, but it would be nice to be able to just decide to go somewhere and have a portable home.

    10. New couch

    I really don't like our two year old couch. Hard to get comfy, but the wife likes it.

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