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Things I Want Said About Me At My Funeral

What would you want to be included in your eulogy, or simply have discussed by those who attend your funeral? What values, adventures, jokes and achievements would you want to be remembered for?

    1. That I loved my kids no matter what

    2. That I was a good husband

    3. That I was always trying to learn and grow

    4. That I loved writing

    5. And that I wrote for the sake of writing, not for fame or money

    6. And that I loved people and tried to help them whenever possible

    7. And that I was always honest with people even if it hurt me in the short run

    8. And that I always tried to find the humor in every situation, even when it was painful or sad

    That life is too short not to laugh at it all
    (See "The Daily Show" for example) (Or, "What Would Seth Do?") Or, "The Onion"

    well, you get the idea
    To me this is important because life is painful and we should try to laugh at it as much as possible along the way so when we are gone we have those memories of joy rather than just regrets about what we didn't do or say or be true to ourselves more often
    This is how I want people to think of me after I'm gone rather than focusing on the pain of losing someone they love and admire
    Life is too precious not to enjoy every moment of it while we are here and laughing at our ridiculousness helps us do that better than anything else does

    9. And finally

    this might sound weird but

    I would like people who attend my funeral or hear about me later on to know that there were times where I felt like giving up everything but couldn't because of my kids (and maybe a spouse)
    But sometimes there were moments where things clicked and suddenly you feel happy again and you realize why you are doing all this stuff in the first place despite all the challenges involved in raising kids while going through a divorce and dating again after being married for 25 years plus dealing with financial issues and health issues etc etc etc
    Sometimes you feel down but then something happens with your kids or someone says something nice about you or something funny happens or you read a book or see a movie or go out with friends and suddenly everything clicks back into place again and you remember why you put up with all these challenges in the first place
    because of these beautiful children who need your love every day for their entire lives until they can stand on their own two feet without any help from anyone else including parents who have been divorced from each other since before they were born
    This isn't easy by any means but it's worth it because these are our children who will eventually become adults who can live their own lives without needing us anymore except for occasional phone calls saying, "Hi
    How are you
    What's new?" In between, though, there's nothing more rewarding than watching your child take his/her first steps without falling down; throwing a ball around; reading books together; taking trips together; having long dinners together talking about everything under the sun; laughing at their jokes; seeing them graduate college; getting married; having babies themselves

    and so many other moments which occur daily if only one stops long enough during each day to notice them happening right before one's eyes
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