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Collin Harness


Things I Want To Accomplish This Week

Some things I need to do and some things I want to do to move progress.

    1. Get more lettuce at the store

    Make some more salads.

    2. Check in with friends

    Get dinner dates together.

    3. Take my car in for an oil change

    And get it decertified for the state of Texas.

    4. Get to the gym

    My effort to stay healthy

    5. Organize my photo library

    Make it more organized and upload more photos to the cloud for backup.

    6. Do some writing

    Make more lists.

    Write more books.

    7. Take Dexter to the park

    Down the street.

    8. More recording

    Lots more good stuff coming.

    9. Get documents notarized

    Those documents sitting on my desk.

    10. Get a monthly calendar to visually see upcoming dates

    One of those that hang on the wall.

    11. Clean up your email inbox

    unsubscribe from more emails so you don't get as much spam.

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